The Chief Eggs shop offers premium free range eggs fresh from our farm, our free range hens eat healthy, natural diet and  pass on the benefit to you in the form of more nutritious eggs.

We are proud to raise happy chicken and you can visit us anytime in our farm in Antipolo, City.

Finally at 4 months and 16 days our Dominant Cz parent stock hens started to lay their first egg. D109 and D149 chicks will be hatching soon and will be added to our batch of free range chicken so we can give you more premium quality and nutritious eggs. We gave them Marigolds which we believe that is rich in Beta carotene and a great antioxidant to promote the growth of new skin tissue. Feeding Azolla, a native water plant improves the weight of our chickens and increases their egg production.

We are open  and accepts reservation of orders everyday but please do note that you must check and contact us for the availability of the product.

Available in:

Pack of 6’s
Get this budget friendly pack of 6’s free range eggs
from The Chief eggs. Perfect for those who are on a budget,
for only 47.50 Php

pack of 6's
pack of 6’s


1 dozen or (12 pcs. pack)
This 1 dozen free range eggs from The Chief eggs is perfect for those
who wants to save time buying on a daily basis. It only cost 95.00 Php
(Note: eggs are packed by mixed sizes)

1 dozen free-range eggs


1 Tray or (30-pack)
This 1 tray  free range eggs from The Chief eggs are perfect for those who loves to cook dishes
that requires more eggs or if you love baking, this is just a perfect one.
It only costs 250.00 Php. (Note: eggs are packed by mixed sizes)




Our eggs are available by mixed sizes by package but you can request the size that you want through availability of our products. Please contact us first before placing your orders.

The Chief Eggs are happy to serve you.

The Chief eggs
The Chief eggs free range eggs


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