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Our Business – The Chief Eggs

Our business – The Chief Eggs started with the idea in different free-range chicken FB pages. Dr. Erwin Joseph Cruz (Veterinarian, Free-range chicken, Duck Specialist) Youtube videos, Australian market where all food items are properly labeled especially eggs when it is free-range.

The Chief eggs started acquired it’s first 20 Certified Dominant Cz hens on October 2017. We waited until January 2018 for them to start producing eggs.

Another 25 of certified Dominant Cz parent stock  D109  last March 27, 2018, imported from Czech Republic by Doctor Erwin Joseph Cruz the only free-range chicken specialist in the country and Dominant Cz importer.

Aside from our Dominant Cz chickens, we also have fighting roosters and Nubian goats in our farm and some fruit-bearing trees like Rambutan that we think a good source for business in the near future. But for now, we are still focused on our free-range farming as we continue to produce more egg-laying hens taken cared by our farm assistants to give our customer the finest free-range eggs in the market.

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D109 hen