One (1) Tray (30-pack) free range eggs

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One (1) Tray (30-pack) free range eggs from The Chief eggs

One (1) Tray (30-pack) free range eggs from The Chief eggs are perfect for those who love to cook dishes. If your menu requires more eggs or if you love baking, this is just a perfect one. It only costs Php250.00.

Note: Eggs are packed by mixed sizes


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Important details upon placing orders for your convenience.

To ensure customer satisfaction which is the number one priority of us. Please see below.

Mode of payment:

  • Cash on delivery – scheduled meet up ( no additional fee)
  • Bank transfer payments

Other condition:

  • prior to placing an order need to contact us here
  • for delivery, additional shipping fee will be charged


NOTE: due to an increase in demand, pre-order is required due to the availability of the product.


We highly appreciate you as a customer and as a business partner that is why we are working on how to produce a product and serve you as soon as possible.

For other inquiry, you may contact us here.

Free-range eggs are eggs produced from birds that may be permitted outdoors. The term “free-range” may be used differently depending on the country and the relevant laws and is not regulated in many areas. source:

The Chief Eggs…The Finest In Free-Range Eggs

1 review for One (1) Tray (30-pack) free range eggs

  1. Magnus

    I like the logo but not the color.

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