JJGA Farm is located at Boso-Boso, Antipolo City

JJGA farm is located at San Jose, Boso Boso, Antipolo City. We have different kinds of livestock such as goats, game birds and pastured free range chickens that produces our “Chief eggs”.

jjga farm The Chief eggs started our business year 2017.  We only have twenty (20) stock parent  hens when we started.  When you visit our farm you will see our free-range chickens are free to roam on the farm and seems they are playing. They really love munching  a newly budded grass there, lowers, insects, crawling ones and some overripe fruits fell from our rambutan trees.

We have Azolla in our farm, (water-fern) plant also known as protein-rich animal feed that we use for feeding our free-range chickens.  Even the young one’s also love munching this protein-rich food.