How to know if the eggs are free range?

How to know if the eggs are free-range?

Free-range eggs can be determined through the eggs that produce every day. Free-range hens are mostly live in an open space. They can widely spread their wings and lay their eggs at their own will.

The color of the egg yolk.

Eggs are determined based on the color of the egg yolk. Stress is the main factor for laying eggs in the process. Poor yellow egg yolk means the hens are raised with poor quality. The color also determines the eggs if it is in good condition.

Trusted buyers

Look for trusted buyers to make sure that the eggs that you are buying are fresh and has good quality.


Local businessproducese eggs and labeled it based on when it was produced. In some countries like Australia, labels are important in determining the freshness of the egg. They have different definition of free-range and it depends on the number of chickens per hectares.



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