Food We Give To Our Chickens

Chicken Food

The food we give to our chicken is those we get from our farm. We gave them natural foods and avoid artificial feeds to produce healthy and nutritious eggs.

Marigolds are one of their favorite. This flowers not only ward off insects in your garden, it is also a rich source of beta-carotene and other nutrients. A good antioxidant to promote the growth of new skin tissue of our precious chickens. Eating this flowers also makes their egg yolks darker yellow/orange.

Marigold petals


Azolla (water fern)


Azolla (Water fern) said to be a nutritious but cheap organic feeds substitute to our chickens.  Aside from this, it has also lots of nutrients that helps improve their weights and increasing their egg production.

To grow an Azolla, you should need an artificial water body and the pit should be covered by a plastic gunnies to prevent the growth of  roots of a nearby trees. When harvesting Azolla you should need plastic tray having holes of 1 square meter mesh size.

munching azolla

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