Raising free-range chickens

Raising free-range chickens needs more space to roam freely around. The outdoor area should be secured since this lovely creatures loves roaming around the farm or at your backyard.

They love to munch everything from a newly budded grass to insects, crawling around and flowers whenever they get hungry.

You will noticed that they tend to flock around the farm free to run wild around the property exploring around until the sunset came and find warm at their coop. Another favorite of them is a nesting box where they can lay their precious eggs. It is much important that they also have a good coop to keep safe at the end of the day.

Chief eggs made affordable prices in the market

Eggs from the province of Antipolo made even better in prices. People can now get the eggs at affordable prices.

As a customer, you will see the difference between our eggs from any other eggs. As to our eggs, it is freshly picked from the poultry farms and as long as the owner is concerned, the eggs are freshly picked from the coop.

I have experienced the way they handle the eggs.  That’s why the chickens are growing harmoniously.

According to bbc good food, eggs are healthy in the body. It has a high source of protein.

Food we give to our chickens

Food we give to our chicken are those we get from our farm. We gave them natural foods and avoid artificial feeds to produce healthy and nutritious eggs.

Marigolds is one of their favorite. This flowers not only ward off insects in your garden, it is also a rich source of beta carotene and other nutrients. A good antioxidant to promote the growth of new skin tissue of our precious chickens. Eating this flowers also makes their egg yolks more darker yellow/orange.